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Hand Cleaners / Heavy Duty





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Green Bull Handcleaner #1 SELLING PRODUCT

  • Powerful – formulated with thousands of dirt busting poly “scrubbers” that dig out and mop up tough soils.
  • Green Bull Handcleaner removes
  • *Grease *Asphalt *Adhesives *Oil *Varnish *Tar *Hydraulic Fluids *Paint *Stains *Glues *Carbon *Cement *Ink (rubber, oil, offset, flexo) Eliminates odors too!
  • Gentle – Gree Bull contains no harsh solvents.
  • Utilizes soft poly scrubbers and a special blend of detergents to do the job.
  • Fortified – with soothing emollients, Green Bull moisturizes hard-working hands and softens skin.
  • ****500 Hand washings per tub****

Ready-to-use shop towels

  • Dispensing one towel at a time!
  • Pre-moistened emollient based towels.
  • Removes tar, grease, paint, adhesives, wax and ink.
  • Also can be used on non-porous surfaces!